Planes, Trains, and Travel- Oh My!

Planes, Trains, and Travel- Oh My!

By Ryan R Karim, RN, IBCLC

Travel usually brings a unique set of questions to the Breastfeeding family. In this article, you will gain the knowledge to calm your travel woes.

Traveling by car/bus/train:

  • Take time to nurse the baby or pump if traveling alone.

  • Be sure to bring enough empty bottles or milk storage bags to store pumped milk.

  • Bring a good water-tight cooler. Stop for ice along the way if needed.

Traveling by plane:

  • Take time to nurse the baby or pump if traveling alone.

  • A breast pump does NOT count as a carry-on because it is a “medical device”, so bring regular carry-on luggage.

  • Breastmilk coolers and/or baby bags DO count as a carry on.

  • There is no limit to the amount of breastmilk allowed on the flight and it does NOT need to be stored in 3oz containers.

  • If possible, fly with frozen breastmilk to prevent lengthy inspections and excessive handling of the breastmilk.

Helpful hints:

  • When booking hotel accommodations, request a room with a freezer.

  • Plenty of ice packs will be needed to keep breastmilk frozen for the duration of the trip.

  • Be sure to review official TSA Guidelines for flying with breastmilk.

  • International travel guidelines are determined by the destination country and may not be the same as TSA Guidelines.

Be well.

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