"Do I Have Enough Milk?"

“Do I have enough milk?” says every mom in every home in every country all over the world. The perception that we don’t have enough milk is thee most common concern among Breastfeeding mothers. That’s right, even I—Nurse and Professional Breastfeeding cheerleader questioned my body’s ability to adequately nourish my babys’ tummies. All of us have seen a baby suck down a 10oz bottle of the “other” milk in 0.5 seconds, and that will make any woman stretch her eyes wide open, grab her breasts, and second guess her body no matter how empowered and determined she is to succeed at Breastfeeding. Fact is, newborns don’t require much milk to get full!​

In the first few days after delivery, a woman produces colostrum, a thick and sticky substance which is they baby’s essential first first food. It’s jam packed with nutrients and immunities to give the baby the best start at life! Over the next few days, with consistent Breastfeeding, the milk begins to transition. Transitional milk becomes less sticky, and it thins out a bit. During this process a woman’s breast will get fuller and heavier. Frequent feedings will keep both mom and baby comfortable. Mom and baby are starting to get more familiar with each other. Mom is learning that baby nurses best when she feeds him when he first requests. Babies make feeding requests by smacking or licking lips, rooting (turning head toward breast), and/or tight fists near mouth. When mom Breastfeeds baby upon making these requests, he learns to trust her. Mature milk usually appears between days 5-7; many people refer to this as “milk coming in”.

Another great fact, and one of my favorites, is that YOU ARE ENOUGH! Your body is more than capable to make the perfect blend of vitamins and fat and immunities—all stirred with love. I mean really, how many women (or family members) question their ability to provide enough nutrition while the baby is living inside their uterus? How many women are begging the doctor check their placenta to see if it is working properly? The same woman who can successfully grow a baby inside of her body can continue to grow the baby once it is born!! So feed that baby!

Be well.

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